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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is primarily a fighting art. You probably have seen it on parks. Groups of people practicing a dance that looks like a slowed down Kung Fu. On the other hand, you have probably overheard those boisterous neighboring housewives chattering loudly about how it cured almost practically all illnesses. Alternatively, you have just stumbled onto an array of sites about Tai Chi but still don’t have the foggiest about this wonderful art. Let’s take a quick glance about Tai Chi and its internal workings.

Formation of Tai Chi

The wise hermit Chang San Feng founded the art in ancient china after having a exposure by two heavenly spirits, a crane and a snake. He was so fascinated by the surprise that he made the 13 postures, which led to the forms of Tai Chi. Since the day of its inception belonged to an age where wars, strife, and battles are ordinary so it was originally a martial art, second a way of life. Chang San Feng was also Taoist monk; eventually, Tai Chi was influenced deeply by the faith he followed. So, the Taoist principles, weak over strong, slow over fast, and low over high were molded into the art called Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Forms

Since that day, certain individuals mastered and made several different characteristics of Tai Chi. for this reason different Tai Chi styles were born. The most common were

  • The Chen
  • The Yang
  • The Wu
  • The Wu Hao and
  • The Sun style.

Of the five mentioned, the Chen style retained most of the original form of Tai Chi, alternately the Yang style is the most extensively practiced today.

Slow, Kung Fu style actions characterize Tai Chi. There are several forms,

The short form consists of 24 postures Mid form has 40, and The long form has 108 postures which only an experienced Tai Chi practitioner can perform flawlessly

The inner aspects of Tai Chi are much deeper than that of Kung Fu; Tai Chi is all about meditation and fighting under deep meditation. These properties made Tai Chi an invaluable tool for health benefits. Performing the forms properly is alike to doing a fair degree of aerobics and while doing these forms it requires gymnastics as well as boosting the brain functions from the meditation.

Though there are others who did take up battle Tai Chi, still health Tai Chi practitioners severely outnumbered those who do Tai Chi as a combat art.

Tai Chi is now studied mainly as a health regimen.

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